Skyway was incorporated on 21st July 1999. Skyway started mainly as a credit agent between major banks and consumers in it’s early years for their vehicle financing needs but over the past decades Skyway has grown in strength and stature. Through a series of market changes, it is now a leading one stop finance solution for consumers. Besides providing financing in Singapore, Skyway’s major business has now expanded to Vehicle rentals (both the Japanese cum European make and models) providing consumers with more options and a more competitive price for them to consider renting or leasing instead of buying these vehicles with a substantial down payment required by the Singapore’s Government. Today, Skyway has a stock list of more than 1000 cars for you to choose from for either rental or leasing.
While Hire-Purchase financing is still our forte, we now have our very own In - House car loans division which provides direct car loans to consumers while continuing to work very closely with all the major banks in Singapore as their credit agent. We can also help to extend and finance the renewal of your COE for another 5 to 10 years at a very competitive rates just like what the banks are offering today. Car loans approvals are made within the same day, so making your decision to buy a car now can be made faster.
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